Sweden V South Korea, odds scream 0-0, odds for AO too high. No trading opportunity here unless an early goal opens one up. I don’t see this ending 0-0 but that doesn’t help the trading scenario any.

Belgium v Panama, odds suggest a Belgium walk-over. We know that never happens however but I see this as too much of a risk really, especially as a 0-0 lay to balance things out is off the menu with odds at around 20.

Tunisia v England. Well I guess this is the one that most people in the UK have been eagerly awaiting. The odds actually look quite good to me in the CS market but this doesn’t stack up on filters. I have no intention of getting involved with trading this for one simple reason; I am going to be in the pub watching the game and soaking up a bit of atmosphere along with possibly a little beer.

Maybe the time has come for me to force myself to try some Betfair trading on my mobile?