No trading for me. The England game yielded no opportunity to get involved and Wales had two goals in pretty quick order in their game and I had pretty much decided to just enjoy watching the games anyway but…

Why can’t we score? Roy quickly reversed his decision not to play Rooney (which was good) but I think we missed the opportunities created by Walker in his absence. I don’t really know what to say about England in all honesty. If you can’t score goals against Slovakia then how can you possibly expect to get even close to winning the Euros.

We’ve managed to qualify (2nd in group) so that, I guess is something but Wales have put us to shame on the goal-scoring front and it is England hat are supposed to have the great strikers. Big competition nerves? I know England beat Wales but on last night’s showing, did we deserve to beat them? And if we did, why then make such a meal of Slovakia?

Whatever  else, well done Wales and what a brilliant performance and I am so glad that Gareth Bale was able to get one of the goals and make himself equal favourite in the top goalscorers betting.

I almost came into the Welsh game for a trade at 0-2 ( if I had I would have layed AOAW and 0-2), having not seen a sufficient drop in AO odds to get in at 0-1, but I decided that there was a danger of Russia dropping their heads and crumbling so decided against it. In the end it would have been a good call as long as there was no early panic to lay 0-3 too heavily after the third goal. I am certain that an exit with a profit on cash-out would have been available at 75 minutes to 80 minutes anyway.