I traded nothing on Saturday 25th June. There simply was no possibility at any time in any of the games to do so. Switzerland v Poland went all the way to penalties after a 1-1 result (Poland winning in the end). Wales beat Northern Ireland 1-0 following a 75 minutes in and Portugal scored the only goal in their clash against Croatia in the dying moments of extra time, just avoiding penalties.

Croatia not beating Portugal was the big disappointment for me.

Moving on, here’s my quick overview of the 2 group of 16 games on Monday 27th June.

Italy v Spain.


These two are seen as quite closely matched but Spain are the favourites. The odds do not currently support an ASP trade


On the one hand, it is hard to argue with the view that Spain should win but I can;t call this one really so I am going for 0-0 normal time result with a late goal in extra time or even a penalty shoot out. If it goes to penalties, Spain should win. otherwise, I have no real clue.

England v Iceland.


The odds, as they inevitably should, show England as favourites and an ASP trade is made possible by reasonably attractive AO odds.


All the pressure, of course, is on England but I think now, surely, they must have settled in enough to get serious with Iceland. I believe England will win and I think they will keep a clean sheet. 2-0 to England is my prediction but I can see our lads finally breaking down this resolute Icelandic wall of a defence and opening the floodgates. I will keep a wary eye on my AO liability if I can get to trade this one.

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    • KostasTournavitis

      I think the England game is perfectly suitable for ASP, looking forward to any updates.

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