Sometimes I read a game wrong (yep, it’s true), it is inevitable but it is always better to read it wrong and not lose than to read it wrong and lose. Or, if you prefer, it is always better to chicken out if you’re not sure and then not trade than to trade against your feelings and get hurt (by taking losses). The reality is that Portugal v Iceland turned into the perfect ASP trading game. If I had traded this game I would have walked away with a £15 to £20 profit for certain.

Here’s why:

Any liability created on AO was never challenged and the AOHW odds were wonderfully low. 0-0 odds were good enough to start with £3 or £4 layed and then expand this as the odds dropped. A first half goal killed off the 0-0 liability completely without the need to use profit from the middle (if you aren’t sure what that is yet, it is what I have always called the green figures between 0-0 and AO).

A lay on 1-0 after the Portugal goal could be done at reasonably low odds straight after the goal and even if you had put 1-0 into the red and really ramped up here (thus adding to your other score-line profits) you only had to wait until 50 minutes for the Iceland equaliser.

In the end, the perfect ASP trading game and I am sorry now that I did not trade it. If you did, well done, I bet you loved that one.