Current odds:

All good: Switzerland are the 1.87 Favourites and under 2.5 goals is 1.52. Under 3.5 goals is 1.19.

Not good: 0-0 is 7.6 to lay and AOAW is 19.


There are no alarming results from meetings between these two countries. Albania have not conceded 4 goals in any of the last 20 games and neither have Switzerland. Switzerland did concede 5 goals against France in the last World cup,  22 games ago.

Albania have not scored 4 goals in any of their last 20 games but Switzerland have twice against San Marino (I think we can disregard those games) and once against Lithuania.


As far as odds and stats go, a fairly reasonable ASP game except in one area. The ANY OTHER odds are high. The 0-0 odds are low but just outside the filter and so I wouldn’t be overly concerned here.

My take on this game is that the odds say that this could be a bore draw but I was quite impressed with Switzerland during the last World Cup and I think they are more than capable of a goal or two here. I predict a win to Switzerland 1-0.

Switzerland have had a poor build up to the Euro’s and I think they have a tendency to play too many poor teams in their friendly games. When they have met solid opposition of late they have been beaten. I put them on a par with Romania and think they or Romania will take the second spot in this group after France. I would not want to bet yet on which of them goes through.

I know little about Albania except that this is their first major international tournament appearance and their build up to this has not been that impressive even though they were runners-up in their qualifying group behind Portugal. But the odds clearly do not reflect a total dominance expectation in favour of Switzerland.

It seems to me that Albania do not do well against the stronger, more established, competition. However, of note is a 1-0 victory against France last June and a 1-0 victory against Portugal in the September 2014. If they were to beat Switzerland they may think they have a chance when they play the French again on 15th June. That would be a very interesting game if Romania were to take points against France and Albania were to beat Switzerland.