You will be granted full membership for a one off payment and have access to a range of videos and documents that will show you exactly how to use this system to trade in-play soccer matches. You will also get unconditional access to all of the new material that gets added over time. Please read on to see the full value of the package.




ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

You are probably here because you just need a little extra or maybe because you still haven’t found that CONSISTENT winning strategy.  That’s about to change for you providing you understand that you have to put a little in to get a little out.

I know that you’re not really expecting to find something that is going to transform your fortunes and turn you into a millionaire over night and I also know that you are not just going to take my word for how good this strategy is.

We all know that, in reality, creating vast wealth is only normally possible with the right idea, funded with huge capital sums and pursued with a passion and focus that most of us do not have and I am going to give you the facts with no  frills.

Vast fortunes are not going to come to you through the purchase of a betting system! By purchasing Assured Soccer Profits, however, you can be assured that you will have made a fabulous investment.

Everyone is different and no two people are likely to see the same results. Not even on the same games but it is possible to easily create an additional income of £20 or even more per day without an investment of capital beyond a small betting exchange fund. You don’t need an all-consuming passion or even a massive change to your daily routine and you will have full access to this system instantly after purchase but, it isn’t just a book or some notes.

This is a full soccer trading course and in addition to the manuals there are multiple tutorial videos and other tutorial material. There has never been more given for so little and you can use as much of this material or as little as you and go through it at your own pace. With practice you will get better at it and only quitters fail to succeed!

Isn’t it the case that what most of us want is something simple to use that just wins small amounts regularly and helps us to enjoy gambling as it should be simply for fun? But you can’t have fun if you’re losing money! Sure, with this, you are going to lose some games and, who knows, maybe you’ll lose on 2 or 3 early games but we can show how to lose little by re-acting properly in games that are not going to plan and win often with those that do.

The secret is action. If the game goes against you, action to reduce liabilities and if goes to plan, action to maximize profits. When people lose with this system it is simply because they fail to take the action suggested to, at least, minimize their potential loss.

When you sit and hope you sit on a double-edged blade. Sometimes you’ll be safe and sometimes you’ll be sorry. We show you first and foremost how to take action to avoid loss and then how to make profit.

I’ve been studying soccer betting for years and I know how to make money from it. I am responsible for producing one of the first and certainly one of the most successful exchange based soccer betting strategies to be sold online in the UK. I developed that system over 10 years ago now and I have not stopped since in my search for the ultimate soccer betting or trading system.

The earlier system referred to is the Football Cash Generator strategy and whether you know it, or don’t know it, whether you love it or hate it, it is a fact that people still use it today and it has the somewhat dubious honour of being just about the most copied on-line soccer system ever. However, users that run it properly still make money with it and I am constantly asked about my plans to bring out a follow-up. Well this is not a follow-up to FCG, but this is something , almost certainly, better!

I am also quite happy to tell you that this is not all my own work, far from it, in fact, the bulk of the early work had been carried out by one of my customers from the past, a big fan of the Football Cash Generator, a retired dentist. This is what Geoff had to say about the Football Cash Generator and why he came to me for assistance with this project. He is first and foremost one of many users who was happy to comment on his experience with the FCG system:

I first came across the name of John Duncan as the author of “The Football Cash Generator System” way back in 2005. This was at that time a ground-breaking system generating consistent profits from soccer where in-play betting invariably resulted in healthy profits. More importantly for me, it introduced me to trading in Betfair. I was impressed with the clarity and the step by step simple instructions which made the system so easy to operate. Little did I know but the seeds were sown then and there for my own Betfair system which has now totally replaced the FCG system for me. After thorough testing of my system for over 12 months covering over 2000 games I knew I had a system which worked! It is a system with a market so vast that the market would be little affected by allowing others to share the success. But as a retired dentist I know nothing about bringing such a product to market so John Duncan was the natural and immediate choice to take my system out there, improve on it and allow others to see the success I had with it. This simple but effective new way of making money using Betfair should appeal to many. I am happy to say that John immediately grasped the mechanics of the system and saw the huge potential and, after testing it vigorously for himself and helping me to improve it dramatically, was happy to carry the baton

Geoff Parle

With this strategy, The Assured Soccer Profits System,  I can show you how to grab an extra £3k, £5k, £7k or even more of tax-free cash over the next 12 months from home using a simple to learn betting exchange soccer trading secret that will draw cash from betting exchanges at a steady and consistent pace, day after day after day using small stakes. This is something genuinely available for anyone with only small funds to use.

If you can put £200 into a betting exchange account and follow the  instructions I’ve laid out for you in detail, then you can use this and the more effort you are prepared to put in, the more you can learn and the more you can make. It also has the added benefit of being a strategy that can be used all year round.

I promised you no-nonsense so let me stop right now and tell you up front that if you are looking for “easy” or for something that is done for you, this will not be for you!

If you are going to try it once or twice and then complain because you need to work at it, forget it before you start. Too many people out there are ridiculously convinced that they can spend a few pounds and learn the secret to everlasting wealth that will come to them through gambling.

Well you will not find it here.

This is a trading system that will produce money for those that work it properly. It isn’t complicated, it isn’t hard but it will require some effort.

Bet it and leave it fans will not like this at all! 

This is a betting exchange only based system that utilizes both backing and laying so you will need a computer, a betting exchange account and an Internet connection but that is as complicated as it gets and, even if what I have just said sounds new and confusing to you, every single step has been laid out for you in clear and concise terms through Getting Started videos that you will find easy to follow regardless of your previous experience.

[order_box_1 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]

IMPORTANT: You should know that if you cannot legally access a betting exchange in the country where you live then this isn’t going to be for you. Also, if you cannot utilize in-play betting on a betting exchange it equally will not work for you.


Let me stress, I haven’t said that you could become a millionaire using this strategy or even that you will amass great fortune and the fact is I will not be saying that. I didn’t even mention thousands per week or even hundreds of £’s a week, even though it is quite possible to get into the hundred pound or more a week band using this system if you are active enough and devote enough time to it.

That is because you will not make life changing sums of money using this system. It is designed entirely for someone who wants to invest in a very small way but make a steady and rising profit from the start WITHOUT TAKING BIG RISKS. It is perfect for someone who could use an extra £15, £20 or so per day and has some time on his or her hands.

AND if you build profit slowly and properly the stakes you use can be increased over time from the profits and then, of course, the profits will automatically grow but grow safely! There is no better feeling than making profit from profit and losing from previous profit when you lose!

As I said earlier, I hate frills as much as you do and the fact is that people make mistakes when they jump in too quickly with new things and, until you know the method intimately, why would you want to go mad?

You will need to learn the strategy first before the profits come easily but, don’t worry, when you buy you also become a member of this site and we have loaded this site with coaching material. So it isn’t just a book you get, you also get solid tuition so that you too can become a confident soccer match trader.

Geoff has fully retired now but, in addition to all of the on-site tutorials, before Geoff retired he recorded well over two years of his own results using ASP and, as a member, you can download and study those results as well if you wish to.

I assure you that you will be able to buy the Assured Soccer Profit System for less than you can make from it in a few weeks using the minimal stakes that we advise in the beginning, stakes of typically £10/£10.50 per game. In fact, it’s possible to make back the purchase price of this System using stakes of around 60% of those if you don’t push it too hard.

This strategy is simple, it’s safe because you do not have to expose yourself to huge liabilities and it’s guaranteed to put an end to the hope dashing, dream stealing, money wasting cycle that you’re sucked into by unscrupulous, irresponsible people who produce garbage that never, ever works. The reason I am still here, still operating after 10 years is because I care about my customers and what I put my name to.

Of course it is impossible to spend 10 years promoting your own and other people’s products without some poor systems getting through the filter or without some people blaming you for everything that goes awry but the point is, anyone that knows me and has stayed with me absolutely understands that I always do my best for my customers and I also understand that many people in our world always want to blame someone else for their own lack of discipline.

Most gambling based systems do not work, that is a fact, or they simply only work for a short time and then stop working. Often they simply do not work because you cannot assert any real influence over them. Assured Soccer Profits is exceptional because you are totally in control of all but the most extreme outcomes.

YOU choose the games you trade and there are signs to follow with basic research that show you what to safely trade. It matters not who wins the match, it matters not what the final score-line is. Some score-lines will create a loss, some will create small profits and some will create larger profits. YOU will be in charge of your profit overall and, most importantly, your losses and everything you need to make those profits healthy will be found on site in the members area.

The Assured Soccer Profit System is easy to operate, simple in fact once mastered. It absolutely requires very small funds to use and just one betting exchange account to run it on. There is no bookmaker interference here and so you are never going to get shut down. Most important of all, it uses just one market and requires very little form study with just a tiny bit of pre-match background work and I absolutely guarantee that you will enjoy using it once you are comfortable with the system.

As Geoff would put itI just love getting up in the morning to use this and can’t wait to get on-line and get stuck in” and I have to agree that it does start to get quite addictive and the reason for that is that it is so beautifully logical and simple to follow. It has a simplicity to it that enables you to use it on pretty much any football match, anywhere in the World which, of course, means it has no “off” seasons.  It will work as well for you in June and July as it will in December and January. The only difference is that in December and January you will think you have too many games to choose from.

Forget the rubbish out there, it’s time to bring this cycle of endless losing systems you encounter to an end and to start using something profitable over which you have total control. It’s time to wake up to the fact that you need to put some effort in to gain the rewards and it doesn’t simply come to you by right! If you already understand that you get “nothing for nothing” and only get rewards from things that require some effort then this is probably perfect for you.

It’s time to grab a new strategy,  the Assured Soccer Profits System and join the tiny 2% of people who make money on the betting exchanges. Yes, that’s right, only 2% of exchange users actually make money. The others are simply chasing their tails and using the garbage that the unscrupulous have conned them into believing is the answer to their prayers. They keep buying cheap and nasty systems because they are looking for the red button. If they can just find the red button and push it each day they know that money will drop out…but of course, it never does. [order_box_1 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]

Let’s be clear. If you buy this and cut corners, fail to follow the instructions or try to get greedy this will soon become a losing strategy too but only because you made it so!


Would an extra £5,000 per annum (tax-free) help your situation right now? It would certainly help many. In fact, for many, it is the mortgage payment covered and some. How about if you could acquire this extra income without leaving home by using a system that pulls money out of soccer matches day in and day out all year round and from soccer all over the World?

How about if you could achieve this during evenings and weekends without giving up your day job? You see one of the beautiful things about the beautiful game is that most of the best action occurs during evenings and weekends. Here’s something you can do instead of watching the TV unless, of course, you’re watching football and then you could be doing both!

No bookmakers to worry about, so you are never going to be told that you can’t make the bet. You need just one betting exchange account, a computer, an Internet connection and the best tutorials and coaching backed up by my promise that I will communicate with you, answer your questions and help you to get started and continue to work with you until you are making the profits.

In the online gambling system community, no-one ever has done more or ever will do more to give support to the customer than I have, than I do and I promise that I still will!

I absolutely guarantee that all of your emails will be answered within the shortest time frame possible, most within 24 hours. I can’t guarantee that the answer will come back to you as quickly as you would ideally like, let’s face it, we all want answers within minutes, but I can guarantee that if the question gets to me, it will be answered! And no-one answers faster! Just look at this short sample of unsolicited comments from real emails from my customers concerning my support with them in the past:

[content_box_blue width=”75%”] “Hi John, first I’d like to say that it makes a nice change that the people who actually sell you the system use it themselves and also are in daily contact and don’t disappear once they have your money.” Dave [/content_box_blue]

[content_box_light_green width=”75%”] “John, thank you so much for your help and honesty in all my dealings with you.” Brian [/content_box_light_green]

[content_box_blue width=”75%”] “John, That was so kind of you to give up your morning to help me out with the download problem. That was a service above and beyond the call of duty and would not have been available from anyone else. Bless you and thanks” Stuart [/content_box_blue]

The thing about the latest hot gambling systems that you see advertised out there is that they all look fantastic, they all promise the earth and so you buy them. It’s only a small investment after all, so what’s to lose? But they rarely work do they? There is rarely any support whatsoever. I know for a fact that some of the people out there pushing these (typically) £29 or £39 systems have no intention of ever giving any post-purchase support and even believe that those of us who do give such support are completely insane!

Maybe they are right and maybe I am wrong but at least I always sleep at night knowing I did the best I could for everyone who ever invested in my products. I am told all of the time that I should charge a monthly fee for access to Assured Soccer Profits because there is so much content but I do not want to stop anyone having access to this profit maker if I can help it.

Time after time when you buy these cheap systems it’s just money down the drain but the money is not the real problem. You can soon recover from wasting £29 or £39 (I regularly spend that on a take away meal for the family),  the real problem is that these unscrupulous people are stealing your dreams, they are crushing your hope and they are treating you like a fool.

They do this because they do not care, they rarely even use their real names let alone answer an email and they do not expect to ever sell you anything again or, at least, not using the same name as they did before. Is this an experience that you’ve had?  The Assured Soccer Profits System will never be available for £29 or £39 but it is the most incredible value when you consider how much you get for your money. I have seen 6 page documents turned into a PDF file and sold for £40 or £50 and that is insulting.

In comparison it would take you a month to consume every video and every document on the ASP site and you get lifetime access to browse it all at your leisure once you have joined us. This is a strategy that works. A strategy developed through painstaking research that took almost two years before even getting to market. It is easily worth a price tag of £149 or even more; an amount that, without over-egging the results, anyone can make within two to three weeks or less of using the system regularly.

Let’s face it, if it took you six months to make £149 from this you’d be way ahead of what you normally get from other systems you buy. 

Everyone will see different results (of course) based on how frequently they trade games and the quality of the games they trade but you can be assured that this system of trading soccer WILL make profits for you if you take the time to learn it properly.

The fact is though that I understand that the bulk of the people who really need this, a strategy that anyone can use even with very small funds available to them, will not pay £149 and I want as many people as possible to benefit from this system. I decided the price could not exceed £100 so that everyone could see at a glance that, using small stakes of £10.50 per game and achieving no more than an average of £4 per game as a profit, even then, it would be clear that the purchase price can be regained within weeks rather than months even if you only use it in a limited way.

This is a purchase for LIFE, you will have access to everything I produce on correct score trading on the ASP membership site for as long as you need it and new information is added over time.

You know instinctively anyway that if a price tag  looks cheap it looks cheap for a reason.  One of the primary goals with this product was to get it out there at a sensible price that anyone serious about making a little extra money can afford. The system we have produced here would be great value at more than £149 but then those that need it the most would probably not go ahead and join.

The intention here is very simple, just like the system itself, and that is to make it available and affordable to anyone that genuinely wants it and understands that you need to pay a sensible price for a quality product. Those that are looking for cheap, poor quality products know to stay away!.

And so, the price has been set at a very fair and affordable level,  well within what you can make from it over a few short weeks using small stakes or even quicker if you are really keen!  Remember what you get here; The quick start manual, the getting started videos, the tutorial videos and the other tutorial content with ongoing support for as long as you need it. Even a very part-time user should be able to see their investment returned within weeks of using it. 

aspbox   [headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#cc0000″]Remember, a whole membership package giving you on-going tuition for just one payment of £83![/headline_arial_medium_centered] buy-now-logo-CC_250x60

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

I know that you may not have heard of me and it’s possible that you’re looking upon this as just another over-blown, hyped up sales pitch but you will be able to find someone who knows me or has used or recommended one of my systems because I have been offering my systems and knowledge online now for nearly 12 years.

AND I absolutely guarantee that you will have come across one of my systems in the past even if it was one of an all too many number of  unofficial, pirated copies. What you absolutely get with any of my products is quality, support and back up. No-one ever put more into customer support and you will not find any automated customer support systems here!  

I believe I may also have the honour (although it does come with some frustration) of being one of the most heavily copied producers of gambling systems around! Just put “lay the draw” into a search engine ( a system developed by me in late 2002 and early 2003 and see how many sites come up pushing some version of that. My systems have been sold all over Europe, in Australia, New Zealand and even in China and Russia but even with that pedigree maybe you still need more re-assurance. I guarantee I can show you how to make tax-free profits using this system once you have properly studied the material on site. Yes of course you will encounter losing games but, if you struggle and reach out I will help you to master the system, you need only email me to ask for help, and if that doesn’t work and I can’t get you to master the system you a covered by Click Bank’s money back guarantee. So you really can’t lose either way!

Be clear about this, the only losers here will be those of you that walk away without making an investment or those that quit before they get ahead with this system. Maybe you will walk away because you simply cannot allow yourself to believe that this is any different from the rest of the rubbish and nonsense you have seen, maybe you have just had too many poor experiences to believe that anything good can exist. Either way, if you become an Assured Soccer Profits member and take the time to learn, use my support with any questions you have and take the view that “I will make this work” , then you will not regret it. So, in summary what can you expect?

Just to recap, the Assured Soccer Profits system gives you all of the following and more:

  • The ability to make soccer bets using small wagers that create easily manageable liabilities so that you don’t get into trouble.
  • Profit on 90% of all of those bets and lose a very small amount on the balance when you cannot.
  • A target of £15 to £20 per day can often be achieved at our advised, small, staking levels on just 3 or 4 games.
  • Anyone with even very small betting exchange account funds (£200 to £300) can run with this system.
  • Simple to learn and use and you can paper trade or use even smaller stakes than we do to reduce the risk even further.
  • All the support you could ever need. I’ll keep talking to you until you simply don’t need us any more because you have mastered it.
  • Automatic access to any upgrades or alterations we make for as long as you keep your contact details with us up to date.
  • The peace of mind that can only come from knowing that you are going to make money consistently over time.
  • A betting system that can be used all year around throughout the day, evening and weekends.
  • Tutorial videos to get you started and help you improve your understanding of the strategy.
  • On-site tutorial blogs and advice on any improved strategies.
  • Access to the entire results achieved by Geoff, before he retired, over two years plus with the system.
  • Access to bet calculators and other tools to help you on your way.
  • Auto-updated list of those games offering the best possibility of trading ASP each day.
  • And a 100% no frills, money back guarantee!

I could go on and on about how good and how safe this system is but the fact is the results will speak for themselves and even though the results shared in the members area only go up to June 2012 (when Geoff fully retired) soccer rarely changes and if we didn’t see it happen over that 2 plus year period with 1,000’s of games then it simply doesn’t happen at all!

I’ve seen every result you can imagine in a soccer game, even some totally ridiculous ones. I have encountered games that I can do nothing about and, as a result, have lost money on them but and it is a BIG BUT, overall, the statistics never change and profit is there for the taking.

Over several years, decades in fact, roughly the same number of games end in the same range of score-lines. Soccer results are crazy accurate to predict IF you look at overall results rather than individual games. For example, the number of games that end 0-0 in all the major soccer leagues doesn’t really change from season to season and if it does change one year to the next it is by a tiny amount. Overall, over several years however, the figures, the statistics are always the same. This alone tells us that if you consistently act in the same way when trading a soccer match, providing you know what to do, you can’t lose in the end!

You have nothing to lose but you could finally gain a system that will work at your pace, produce consistent profit and leave you wondering why all things in life aren’t as simple and as honest as the Assured Soccer Profits System. You too will soon be assured of making a profit from soccer!   aspbox   [headline_arial_medium_centered color=”#cc0000″]Remember, a whole membership package giving you on-going tuition for just one payment of £83![/headline_arial_medium_centered] buy-now-logo-CC_250x60

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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