Current odds:

The odds suggest 0-1, 0-2 or even, 1-1. They also strongly suggest Spain could have a 4 goal win. So the danger for an ASP trader is a very confident Spanish side deciding to really enjoy themselves and go for goal. But Croatia are not Turkey.


Croatia’s star player, Luka Modric was substituted in the Czech Republic game and appeared to be injured. The impact he has on the team cannot be underestimated. Look at what happened against the Czechs. It was 2-0 to Croatia when Modric went off and it ended 2-2. Some of that was probably due to the appalling Croatian crowd behaviour towards the end. Certainly the second Czech goal could be attributed to that.

So if Modric is playing I would be happier trading this. Without Modric I don’t think I would. You can’t put too much on one player in a game but his impact on both games so far has been dramatic. Either way, with him or without him, I think Spain will win and I favour an end result of 0-2 to Spain.