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From: Kostas ******
Sent: 31 December 2012 09:03

Dear John,

First of all, let me say that I am a fan and an old client of yours, back from the days of FCG. I have bought many systems over the years believe me, and yours are the only ones that have really fulfilled their promise.

Keep up the good work,

Kostas *******

From: Linda *****
Sent: 13 December 2012 13:33
Subject: RE: Did everything work OK?

Hi John,

I am very embarrassed! I fired off my last email in great disappointment and only then did I consult my inbox. I’m sorry, I just assumed the original download of the quick-start manual from TDM was It! Now that I have accessed the members’ area I can see what a huge package this really is. The problem is, and you can use this next bit as a testimonial if you wish, I have spent over 20 years being ripped off by people selling various systems and it comes somewhere between a pleasant surprise and shock to know that there really are people of integrity in this business. I can now see that £89 is really cheap for this mine of information. Very humble apologies and thank you so much.

Linda ******

From: Peter *****

Sent: 18 November 2012 06:20

To: admin

Subject: Re: Your Long Lost Password!

Dear John,

(if you’ll pardon the pun). I bought ASP nearly a year ago. Had a half arsed go at it. And then dumped it. Tried to implement my own system, which actually ties in with ASP, but it didn’t work for me because I was doing other silly risky “gambling” bets as well at  time. Even though I was betting at very low odds and accumulating (sometimes quite cleverly) I still wasn’t making it pay longterm. And it was getting to me.!  You see I watch the Betfair football in play list every day anyway. So this is perfect for me. And you’ve alluded to the fact that basically, if you learn the art of ASP ,you can more or less ASP any game! Or the sky is the limit depending on how good/experienced you are. Its basically a window into soccer trading.

But its not gonna be easy for the average Joe to pick this up. If i mailed this to 10 of my mates I’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 replys. Because they think its gambling. They don’t see the potential. Because they are risk averse. I think this sort of **** is either in the blood, or not.

Firstly I just wanna thank yourself and Geoff for putting it all down in black and white. Its genius. And the reason is, that for the likes of myself that knows football inside out, and was struggling with it, it gives me a safety net. It teaches me to trade. And fear liabilities. Fear them. Because profits, although potentially plentiful, are relatively small. So fear liabilities. It gives you options that simple gambling does not. I have been involved with the goals market in soccer for years now. And I’ve struggled with it .There have been highs and lows. But ASP knits it all together. And as you said, any game is tradable. Within reason obviously. But where the very essence of ASP is that the first thing you do is ****, I suppose you could take on other ***** as your starter depending on your flair for it, and the ***** obviously.  Anyway I digress, I wanna sincerely thank you and Geoff for this. You didn’t have to do it. The work you put in and the teachings you have passed on are phenomenal. Well done, and thanks again, Sincerely, Peter.

PS Anything I can do, let me know.

From: Nick *****
Sent: 09 November 2012 16:34
To: ‘John Duncan’
Subject: RE:


It took me several months to get to grips with ASP and now I use it as the main source of my income and now average about £1k per week with it. ****** In fact, (and please feel free to use this as a testimonial), the £2k bank I have dedicated to the place lays has only come about because of the phenomenal success I have had with ASP. I have been using it for about 14 months now and without it I will still be scratching around for a few £ here and there. I started with £500 and I am now able to draw on my income at will and although the lay values I am using would scare most people I now use up to £100 stakes on both lays. Laying isn’t scary as long as you have a good, sound system that allows you trade out of potential disaster with the minimum impact and ASP is perfect for that.



From: Chris *****
Sent: 23 April 2012 09:02
Subject: ASP

Hi John
Just though I’d drop you a quick email about ASP.

I bought it about a month ago and spent the last few weeks reading and re-reading the manual, and watching all of the tutorial videos on the ASP site, and tried it out yesterday for the first time.  I have to say that i’m really impressed – its a very simple idea that seems to work very well.  I was particularly impressed, as the games I traded were both in the Argentinian league, and all of my worries about the liquidity available turned out to be wrong.  I did make a bit of a mistake in the first game, as I couldn’t remember how to back/lay at less than the £2 minimum stakes as required.  Thankfully the game panned out without a loss – I infact broke even on that one, but took about £3 from the second match.  I think in time I will be looking to trade several games at a time as you do.

Just a quick question though *****

Thanks again for a great product – feel free to add this to any sales literature produced, should the ASP system go on sale again at any point.

Kind regards

Chris Green

From: Joe *****
Sent: 19 January 2012 17:42
Subject: Re: Profit Without Risk

Dear John

Thanks for the video and message.  Unfortunately I seem to have used all the bookies (Bonus Bagging) but enjoyed your content and particularly your style.  I am making good progress with ASP- last night had confirmation of its worth in the French game Angers v Estac Troyes which finished 2-3.  Three early goals (0-3) and I thought I was bust but followed the system and made a profit of £15.00.  I am enjoying it immensely although just started this month.

I look forward to more videos from you.  Thanks again.



From: Wayne *****

Sent: 18 January 2012 09:27

To: ‘Profit Magnets Support’

Subject: RE: Welcome – Registration

Hi John,

Congratulations on a great site and the good work that you do.

As you know I have only been a member for a short time. I can’t believe the quality of your work compared to all the other less quality systems I have purchased.

You have restored my faith in knowing you CAN win at this!

Keep up the good work.



Finally, I’d like to add my thanks for a great method and your honesty, integrity and tireless support.

Best wishes,


Hi John, first I’d like to say that it makes a nice change that the people who actually sell you the system use it themselves and also are in daily contact and don’t disappear once they have your money.


John, thank you so much for your help and honesty in all my dealings with you.



That was so kind of you to give up your morning to help me out with the download problem. That was a service above and beyond the call of duty and would not have been available from anyone else.

Bless you and thanks


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