Current odds:

As with Poland and Ukraine, this game is seen as second fiddle in the group with all the focus on the Spanish game. It seems likely that the AO odds, in the end, will be very high. The market isn’t properly formed yet as I write but I don’t see a trading opportunity here.



Turkey were pathetic against Spain, they simply collapsed after they went 2-0 down. Once Spain were 3 up it was all over for Turkey and had it not been for Spain visibly relaxing after that and not really bothering to attack with any purpose, Turkey could have lost to a double figure scoreline.

Will Turkey have any heart for the contest against the Czechs? Unlikely I think as there is no real chance of them qualifying now. The Czech Republic should win this. They may even get 2 or 3 goals. Still, let us remember that this tournament can be summed up so far with one very simple statement…

Anything could happen.