New ASP members must treat this post with caution. This game WAS not an ASP game based on filters and I offer this post purely for information purposes to show what can be done with ASP.

This game came with a little bit of luck (well, we all deserve some) and a bit of a silly move on my part.

First the luck. This could so easily have been a 0-0 final result and I totally gambled on it not being so. Given that Uruguay hadn’t won their opening game in 7 World Cups up to this point, it really was a big gamble. OK, it is the case that I wasn’t going to lose anything painful if it had stayed 0-0 but, nevertheless it isn’t a good idea to leave it and just hope for the best.

The silly move was that I came out of AOAW way too early. I was just so taken by the rapid rise in the AOAW odds that I wanted to give myself an easy time of the game. Let me explain after sharing the end result of the trades:

So, to quickly explain the image; I layed AOAW for £5 at odds of 11. I then decided to leave 0-0 until it really tumbled. At first I put on a 0-0 lay in waiting at odds of 5 for £6. Shortly after I was stunned to see that AOAW had already hit odds of 27 – this within 15 minutes of kick off! So I foolishly became distracted with that and backed AOAW to kill off the £50 liability I had there.

I could of course have just left it there, walked away and taken a satisfyingly easy (albeit small) profit. After all, a £2.70 profit for doing nothing on a £5 lay bet isn’t so bad. But no, that wouldn’t have done at all so hence the move to 0-0 for some profit potential. It was clear that the goal wasn’t going to come soon if at all so I dropped the 0-0 odds asked for progressively until it was half-time and I still had no 0-0 lay on.

Come the second half, I set 0-0 for a £6 lay at 3.2. I just wanted to take my profit level to £8. The game went on and on and on and the goal didn’t come until 87 minutes into the game. Up until that point I was going to lose £10.40 on a 0-0 result. As I stated before, hardly a disastrous amount to lose but it would have taken back my profit from the Russia game yesterday.

Now if the image above doesn’t make total sense to you, fear not, the reason is that I also used cash-out prior to getting my 0-0 lay taken to increase my green profit across the board from (don’t get too excited) around £2.65 after commission to £2.70. I know, silly really, but a little bit more for clicking a button never hurt anyone.

Morocco v Iran could be a fun game to watch if the North Africans are up for it but the odds for the AOHW lay are just far too high. I have been known on occasions to get into a game after a goal but I’m not even going to look for that with this one.

As to Portugal v Spain, that isn’t one for me either.