Current odds:

All good except high ANY OTHER odds. This makes ASP difficult to use ion this game unless you are prepared to lay 0-0 and wait for a goal before laying AO. Given that it is England of course, prudence may dictate that you would not want to get involved from a betting angle anyway.


You have to go back to 2007 to find the last time these two played each other and they played twice that year with the result being no place for England in the 2008 Euros. Russia won 2-1 in Russia and England won 3-1 in England. Of course, that is too far back to mean a thing but they just haven’t played since.

Russia were a good side then and they went as far as the semi-finals in Euro 2008 where they were beaten by Spain, the eventual competition winners.

England not only finished at the top of their Euro qualifying group this time around but they did it in style with a 100% record and the full, maximum, 30 points from 10 games. Biased or not, that is a hell of an achievement and it means that we should be ready for this tournament. Yes it was against pretty weak opposition (excluding perhaps Switzerland) but nevertheless to take maximum points is good going. In addition, our squad is quite young now and many of them are getting better and better.

We should manage a win against Russia in my opinion and there is no doubt that they are the toughest opposition in our group so a win would set us up a treat and I think that is what we will get. This will set us up for (potentially) a really good Euro competition. Maybe we could even win it?

We’ve lost only two games since the last (awful for us) World Cup and that was a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Spain in Spain last November and a more recent 2-1 defeat against the Netherlands at Wembley. Bit of a shock that one as we really looked better than the performance suggests.

The Russians are hard to assess overall. Their recent form has been pretty poor but there is the next World Cup to think about. Perhaps they now need to show the World that they can do better as they build towards that hopefully without the assistance of any dodgy enhancing drugs as has been the recent scurge of their athletes.

I believe a 2-1 or even 3-1 win to England is on the cards here. Given that we do not often keep a clean sheet it also makes for a good both teams to score game and maybe over 2.5 goals at odds of 2.66 to back on Betfair is a bet I may not be able to resist. Just a damn shame the AO odds are so high. Quick goal would be nice to get around that for me.