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Finally, a game that could produce a feast of goals. From the ASP perspective though, under 3.5 goals and, ANY OTHER HOME WIN throw up red flags for this game. It doesn’t qualify based on the safety filters but a confident trader could make profit from this. I will make my decision on whether to trade it or not when I have spent some time studying the pre-game talk and build up.

I am leaning towards it currently simply because I don’t see another game on 15th June menu to take on yet. Of course, that’s another point to take into account. If there is an early goal in one of the other two games AND the AO odds drop to a good level thereafter, then taking a profit through trading one of those would be less risky.


The team in Group A that everyone else expected to get full points from at the start are Albania. France will be feeling good having taken 3 points from one of the two other  “strong” teams in the group. They should therefore be up for it and I expect them to come out with all guns blazing. A win here secures the next round for them regardless of what happens in the final group game against Switzerland.

It wasn’t all gung ho for France though against Romania. There were clear signs of nerves and holes could be found in their defense. If they were playing a better side than Albania I could see them getting put under pressure some but I think that if Romania couldn’t take advantage then Albania are unlikely to. I think that 2-0 or 3-0 to France is the most likely outcome but it could go to 4 goals as the Betfair correct score market is indicating.



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    • Mark

      Generally i do like to get involved with low AU odds but prefer to see border line 2.5 and 3.5 odds,
      like you say the feeling here is that there will be goals and i think once France make the break through then i can see there being a onslaught. I will play it but put a small bet on the correct 2 score home market on perhaps 4-0 and 5-0 for help in reducing liabilities if needed.

      • John Duncan

        Seems like a reasonable plan Mark. Just be aware if there is an Albania goal. So far this tournament is stifling on goals though.

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