New ASP members must treat this post with caution. This game WAS not an ASP game based on filters and I offer this post purely for information purposes to show what can be done with ASP.

OK, I said I wasn’t going to do it but I couldn’t help myself. Germany v Mexico had AOHW odds that really should tell anyone that, as an ASP trader, it was a little risky but then, when you really look at Mexico’s form coming into the tournament, it seemed quite possible that they would hold the Germans back some. And that is exactly what happened. And not only that but they got the first and only goal in the game!

This doesn’t need any more explanation than the following really. I layed AOHW at odds of 6.8 for £11 before kick off and then cashed out when the AOHW odds hit 21 shortly after Mexico’s gola. There’s no doubt that if you are confident that you can trade through a high and/or rapid fire scoring game, if needs be, then the lower AO odds can lead to some good profits. But this is a strategy for seasoned ASP’ers only.