Current odds:

No trade here. The AO odds make this look unlikely. That said, I did do one game yesterday where I started with 0-0 and tried to develop a trade from there and if Hungary play like they did against Austria you have to fancy at least some goals in this game. Whether I do that on this game or not will depend largely on the action I get on the first game tomorrow I think. On paper, based on filters though, it isn’t an ASP game.


Iceland stunned everyone against Portugal when they equalised in their group F first game. But it must also be said that Hungary pulled off a big shock against an Austrian team who were fancied to do well in this tournament. As a result, Hungary will now be feeling very confident about the possibility of 6 points from two games.

I simply can’t get my head around Iceland. I have always considered them to be one of Europe’s fillers and one of those oppositions that everyone feels confident about beating but the team that took the field against Portugal were gutsy, vibrant and even skillful. So anything, I guess, could happen in this game against Hungary.

Some facts from the first games played by these two teams:

  1. Iceland are the smallest nation to ever reach the Euros and it is hard to imagine a country with around 300,000 in total population and no professional football teams even getting as far as they have let alone going any further.
  2. Iceland did beat the Netherlands twice in the run up to the Euros so they must have something going for them. To now add a draw against Portugal here is astounding for them and can only drive them on positively. Whatever happens they have already achieved such a lot.
  3. It was pretty much game over for Austria against Hungary in the first game after Hungary went 1 up and then, shortly after, Austria had a man sent off.
  4. This is Hungary’s first major tournament appearance since 1986.
  5. Hungary’s keeper Gabor Kiraly at 40 years of age is the oldest player ever to appear in a Euros finals game.
  6. Hungary’s win over Austria was even more impressive when you consider that Austria had won nine out of 10 matches in their unbeaten qualifying run.


You have to assume that Hungary will win and if they play like they did against Austria they could win easily. But, as I said earlier, I can’t get my head around Iceland and even them being in the competition is a stunner, let alone them getting that point against Portugal.

So are Portugal rubbish? If so, Iceland may find the on-form Hungary a bridge too far or are Iceland better than I think and therefore will give Hungary a run for their money?

I honestly don’t know. I watched both the first games in group F and Hungary looked really good, Austria looked really bad, Portugal were a total bore (Ronaldo seemed far more interested in brandishing his pearly white smile than he was in showing us his skill) and, finally, at the risk of repeating myself, I can’t get my head around Iceland at all.

Easy job for the commentators though. If he forgets Icelandic names he can just refer to them as SOMEBODYSSON.

My prediction is 3-0 to Hungary simply because I saw a side in Hungary that really wanted to win and really went for it.