Current odds:

I am pretty amazed by the odds for this game, You look at the two teams, Portugal, ranked 8th in the World and always serious contenders in every tournament and then you look at Iceland, ranked 34th in the World and you cannot imagine any outcome other than a thrashing being dished out by Portugal. All said and done though and, remarkably, the odds give this game a thumbs up for ASP trading.

That however, doesn’t mean I will trade it and I may follow the little warning bell inside my head that is saying Portugal could score 4 goals in this game.


Iceland is a tiny country and they have no professional football clubs. They were once, not that long ago, regarded as a bit of a joke side along with Liechtenstein and Luxembourg and the Faroe islands. Now they are ranked higher than Sweden, Denmark and Greece.

In 13 games over the last 12 months they have only managed 4 wins and the last was a 4-0 win against little Liechtenstein. They are a up and down like yoyo’s. On the one hand they can get beaten by the Untied Arab Emirates and on the other hand they are largely responsible for keeping the Netherlands out of the Euro 2016 tournament although, let’s face it, that was more about how poorly the Dutch have been playing than how well Iceland have. Nevertheless, to qualify 2nd in their qualifying group and put the Dutch out as a result is no mean feat.

I don’t trust the ANY OTHER odds I can see at the moment for this game and I think Iceland could get beaten quite heavily. However they only rate odds of 9 to qualify out of the groups compared to Hungary at 20 – I just don’t get it at all.

Portugal have won 8 of their last 12 games over the last 12 months. The defeats have been against England (1-0), Russia (1-0), France (1-0) and, surprisingly, Bulgaria (1-0). Most recently they thrashed Estonia 7-0 just last Wednesday so they should be on a bit of a high. It is pretty obvious that when they get beaten they only just get beaten with only 1 goal scored against them in all the 4 defeats listed.

When they win, normally , they score 1 or 2 goals. They did beat Norway 3-0 though and, of course, clocked 7 against Estonia. I think we can discount that one.

So how strong are Iceland really? I have no idea but I don’t like it when the odds run contrary to my feelings on the matter. For the sake of a prediction I will say 3-0 or 4-0 to Portugal.