Post Purchase Special GP 1214

Post Purchase Special GP 1214

If you’ve landed here you’ve just purchased Assured Soccer Profits using the exclusive Goal Profits discount and you’ve got your hands on the full Assured Soccer Profits package for less than half price.

Now to get your membership set up, we need to get you added in manually for membership and that requires a little patience from you and a real person this end to press the buttons and so on. You see sometimes, there can be a little delay between you paying and us getting notice that you paid so if you don’t get an email straight away with your username and password confirmation, please don’t panic. It is also quite possible that no-one is available for a while after you join.

Please just give us a little time and we will get it sorted for you, a few more hours or even a day (in extreme circumstances) may have to pass before we can get to it but that would be the absolute limit.

Now the other thing that can sometimes happen is that your Internet Service Provider and email server can sometimes just decide that what we send you is spam because we’re not a big web site like Amazon and such like. So, if you haven’t received your membership confirmation within 48 hours of joining then email me (John) on and I will look into it for you and get straight back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for joining us!


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