I did trade this in the end, couldn’t resist the very attractive ANY OTHER HOME WIN ODDS.

Here is an image of where I was when it ended. Net result, a nice little £12.40 profit on the 2-1 final score:

France Correct Score Image

Final Market Screen Image

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I started with a £12 lay on ANY OTHER at odds of 8.2 and £2 on 0-0 at 11.50 odds. After waiting for an age (20 minutes plus) for 0-0 odds to start coming down I eventually took another £2 lay there at odds of 9. Shortly after that, I backed ANY OTHER to clear the full liability there. This took a £5 out of my potential profit pot to take away the total liability there.

At half time it was 0-0 of course and I decided to reduce my (-£30) 0-0 liability some by backing 0-0 for £5.46 at odds of 4.30. That left around (-£12 ) of 0-0 liability going into the second half and, of course, put that £5.46 back on ANY OTHER as a liability.

As soon as the game went to 1-0 (57 minutes) – I layed that scoreline for £3 at odds of 2.9 this left me with a very small 1-0 liability (literally pence) but I did not have to wait very long to be rewarded when the game went to 1-1.

I layed 1-1 as there were attractive odds to do so and this reduced my profit on 1-1 to £4.10 but put all other scores (apart from ANY OTHER HOME WIN) at a profit of £12.40.

Profit & Loss Screen Image

France Profit

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A very pleasurable ASP trading game in the end even though, as I stated in the summary, it wasn’t a trading game for the timid because of the pre-game odds. However, it does demonstrate that sometimes you have to follow your “gut” instincts on where a game will go.