Current odds:

Sadly, we are once again thwarted by high ANY OTHER odds so no ASP game here. However, an early goal is, perhaps, a little more likely if you like the idea of coming in on AO in-play than it is with the first game today.


Although Switzerland beat Albania in their opening game we should look at the nature of the win. Albania were down to 10 men after only 36 minutes. Switzerland were expected to beat Albania anyway and they managed a pathetic 1 goal against those 10 men. Not exactly a sterling performance but it did earn them 3 points and therefore they are in a happier position than Romania. All credit to Albania though, they hardly layed down and took it and demonstrated a  good fighting mentality.

However Romania were beaten by the tournament hosts and the French, to be fair, were very good. I think that Romania will stand a better chance against Switzerland but I also think that the most likely outcome is probably a draw as Switzerland can easily qualify on the back of a draw and will look to wall out the game. Romania will not take that lying down though. They have been beaten by Switzerland just once in their last 4 meetings (the last one was in 2012 and Romania beat the Swiss).

Romania, of late, have shown a tendency to concede goals but they do generally score as well so it has to be a good prediction to go with both teams scoring and either 1-1 or 2-1 to Romania. The big thing for me in this game is that both teams should show improvements on their last game. I think Switzerland have to improve more to beat Romania than is the case the other way around though.