Current odds:

The market makes 1-0 to England the favourite result and, currently, odds are in range for an ASP trade as long as AOAW doesn’t drift out too much from it’s current 14/14/5 to lay.

As this game is likely to be a big emotional affair, I doubt I will trade it even if it looks like a good one to trade. I’d rather sit back with a beer and enjoy it.


England must be feeling pretty confident after beating Wales but they will not underestimate a Slovakian side on the bounce back. It was a big surprise to most to see Slovakia beat Russia but the general consensus is that Russia were lucky with their late equaliser against England. I’m never sure if you can call bad defending “luck” to the other side but the England defence was far more solid against Wales and so I see a confident England winning this.

England have beaten Slovakia in all 3 of their previous meetings but the guy they have to watch in the Slovakian side is Marek Hamsik. He looked very impressive against Russia and could cause a few problems.

Hopefully Hodgson will do without Sterling in this game and start with Vardy or Sturridge or both. I’m not sure about Harry Kane. I think I would perhaps give him another chance and keep one of Vardy or Sturridge in reserve but you never know what Roy Hodgson will do. Perhaps he’ll even start with Marcus Rashford.

Walker and Rooney were brilliant against Wales and as long as they play that well again we should have no problems. I can see a confident England performance here and a 2-0 or 3-0 win to our lads.