Current odds:

The odds across the board on this make it an ideal ASP game to trade. I don’t expect a 4 goal bonanza from either side. The ANY OTHER HOME WIN odds suggest that it could be a 4 plus goal win for Spain but I don’t see it. If we ignore a 6-1 thrashing dished out to Korea on the first of this month and 4-0 win against Luxembourg last October we do not see that many goals from the current Spanish side.


Recent performances from both sides hardly merit any in depth discussion. Notable wins have been against Malta (Czech Republic) and Korea (Spain) so there’s nothing much to get excited about there. They haven’t played each other recently but in the last 4 meetings, with one exception (a draw) Spain have been victorious. The only notable recent game was a 2-1 win for the Czech Republic against Russia. So that either makes England look bad given their 1-1 result against Russia or it makes the Czech Republic look good and I can’t really decide which of those applies.

England should have beaten Russia as they pretty much dominated the game but I have said it before and I will repeat it again, Roy Hodgson’s style of play is just way too defensive and, as a result, we simply don’t get goals. I don’t think Russia are a particularly good side at the moment and thus, I guess, the 2-1 win that the Czech Republic achieved against them at the beginning of this month was more about how poor Russia are than about how good the Czech Republic are.

Spain, as we know, lost their mojo suddenly in the last World Cup and suffered a group stage exit against all expectations so the big question is have they shown any signs of a return to form? If we look at their last 11 results covering the last 12 months, the only notables are (sadly) a 2-0 win over England (November 2015) and a 1-1 draw with Italy (March 2016). They have, however, won 8 of the those last 11 games (albeit against mostly weak opposition) and drawn two of them (Italy and Romania). The only defeat was at the hands of Georgia just 5 days ago. So does this mean they have fallen from form or was that a fluke?

I think the draw against Romania in March this year might be the best form thermometer we have, as, we know that the French beat Romania in the opening Euro 2016 game. It must be said that it was not an easy victory for France and so, perhaps, the Spanish drawing with them is not much of a negative.

My conclusion is a win for Spain but with few goals. I predict 1-0 or 2-0.