I did trade this in the end, simply because knowing I would not trade the Wales v Slovakia game at 5pm and also probably would not trade England so that I could sit back and enjoy that one, I figured I’d try to make a little profit instead on the Albania game. In the end it proved to be a non-event with no profit because of the end result. Even though I had predicted 1-0 to Switzerland and was absolutely spot on, I had not anticipated that it would stay at 1-0 with Albania down to 10 men – that’s football for you and, I suppose, all credit to Albania for holding on for what was the bulk of the game.

Long story short, I layed ANY OTHER AWAY WIN for £3 (odds 23.73) and then layed 0-0 for £6 (odds 7.4). A goal was scored within 10 minutes so I took some more action on ANY OTHER, laying for another £2 at odds of 7.4. I also layed 0-1 at odds of 7.6 for another £2 just to boost the middle pot (thinking of course that Switzerland must now surely score another…hmmm).

So I now had about £12.50 in the middle. When ANY OTHER ODDS had hit 20 I backed that for £4 (actually at 19.5) so I now only had £8..50 in the middle, this was overkill really but I have known 10 men to crumble and I didn’t want to get caught for a big loss if that happened.

Still a nice little pot thereafter given the small stakes overall. After waiting a lifetime for the second goal that didn’t come, even though my 0-1 liability was only around £6 and a bit, I decided to back out of 0-1 when the odds were almost down to evens. That left me with just an 80 odd pence profit there and just under £3 everywhere else (except AO).

Just before the end, in case the pressure finally got to Albania and they finally let another in, I layed 0-1 again for £2 at 1.3. It stayed 0-1 of course and in the end my profit was a mere 32 pence. Oh, well that is trading and, at one stage, I could have scooped £10 from this had another goal gone in.

The image below shows the bets made. (Click on the image to enlarge and use your browser back button to return to this blog).

I have no intention of trading the Wales game. I did look when they went 1-0 up but even then the AO odds were simply too high.