Current odds:

A good looking set of odds for an ASP trade. I do feel though, that there is a little of the unknown to deal with here. I will go into this below.


Were the Ukraine better than or as good as or inferior to Poland? We know that Germany looked very good against the Ukraine but Germany are a powerhouse of football and I already feel, just on the back of that one game against Ukraine, that it could well be the Germans that win this competition. Certainly, you’d be brave to bet against them doing so.

I watched the Germany v Ukraine game and I thought the Ukrainians showed skill and flare. I felt that they were stronger than the Poles were and they didn’t give up. I don’t want to be cruel to Northern Ireland but the Polish team were not that good in my opinion and certainly did not play at their best. And yet I think N.I. did well to hold the game at just a 1-0 defeat.

To me the pecking order is already in place in this group. Germany, Ukraine, Poland and then Northern Ireland. My fear (yes I know I can be ridiculously cautious) is that the Ukraine come out with a vengeance after losing to Germany and pound Northern Ireland into submission. I hope I am wrong. It is so hard to judge but having watched both of the first games in this group, I saw much more in the Ukraine than I did in Poland even though Poland won and the Ukraine lost.

On that note I will almost certainly trade this one but with small liabilities at the heart of it.