Had to wait a long time again in this game for the first goal and the second and they both went against expectation with Hungary beating the more favoured Austrians 0-2. It was yet another 0-0 at half-time game and they are always going to frustrate us by depleting some of the profits.

But, hopefully,  if I achieve nothing else through the Euros I will, at least demonstrate a good few times that panicking about 0-0 liabilities at half time on a 0-0 game and then putting yourself into an absolute loss position as a result, to clear those potential losses, is futile. I stress this because so many people when they email me fail to understand this very simple solution to 0-0 blues.

In this game, once again, as you can see, I left 0-0 liability going into the second half and was rewarded eventually by a goal. Now I can manage to reduce the liabilities easily enough because I never load them up too much and in a competition like the Euros you can normally be a bit braver with the AO liability instead of loading 0-0 too much.

After  2 small 0-0 lays (one quite late at past 30 minutes) I had to reverse it some at half time at odds of 4.2. I was prepared to lose around £8 had it stayed 0-0 and it is important to understand that.

At 0-1 to Hungary I layed 0-1 for a small £3. You might think this strange as it then killed any profit (barring pennies had it stayed at that score-line) but I couldn’t lose and wanted to try to find a bit more profit if the game moved on.

But, there was I expecting the game to go to 1-1 and up pop Hungary again towards the end to make it 0-2 against expectation. Profit £7.61. I’m happy.

It hardly needs saying but the AOHW was never under threat. 0-0 at half-time and clearly under-performing home favourites followed by 2 goals to the other side where there was no AO liability. I do love the AO system so much better than the old AU.
Austria market screen
Hungary profit


    2 replies to "Update: Austria v Hungary"

    • Paul

      Hi John, its good to read through your thought processes both pre match and after trade. I took only 1.50 from this game. A couple of reasons why, I have roughly half stakes on than you do on aohw, plus I killed off too much liability on 0-0 at ht. It is slowly sinking into the brain to leave more liabilty on 0-0 into the 2nd half and its took these last few blog posts of yours for it to sink in, especially if you are watching the game and it does not look like finishing a snore bore draw.

      Anyway, just wanted to give thanks to you for creating these blog posts on the euros. (-;


      • John Duncan

        You’re very welcome paul and the entire point is to help members to get more out of the system. If you persist with ASP it is one of the most rewarding trading systems out there. Very simple, very logical and profitable over time. People lose when they either rush at it, committing more than they can handle and when they quit on it because they have a bad game or two. Games that do not go to plan are inevitable but they represent a hurdle that can be overcome in time, nothing more.

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