I did trade this game in the end but very cautiously and, ultimately, after slowly building my middle pot I took a cash-out with around 15 minutes to go. That guaranteed a loss of £1.90/£1.91 but I was still looking at a -£25 + loss had it gone to 4 to Belgium.

I developed the trade with a small AOHW lay and then a small 0-0 lay. The killer really was having to lay AOHW at 20, way too high really and the primary reason why I didn’t want to go mad. I took the view that a goal would come, even at half time when it was, surprisingly, still 0-0. I didn’t have to wait long into the 2nd half for the goal and I had no hesitation in laying 1-0.

I also layed 2-0 when the 2nd went in and I planned to lay this some more with the odds dropping but goal 3 came too soon for that. I obviously layed 3-0 to further reduce the AOHW liability and then simply waited for an acceptable cash-out figure. When it hit -£2 all around, I thought taking the small lsos was better than risking the -£25 still outstanding on AOHW.

In the end, by not cashing out I could have stayed in profit but that would have been bad play and a pure gamble.

ireland v belgium cash out