Was it Modric coming off or was it the stupid behaviour of the fans?

The fact is, this game should have been 2-0 to Croatia and ended 2-2. The penalty awarded to the Czech Republic certainly seemed (to me) to come from a total lack of concentration towards the end following the crowd incident. But when you really look back on it, there is no doubt that the game completely changed when the Croatians took their star player off. Final result 2-2 then.

I did trade this a little in the end. I came in after a goal with an AOAW lay and perhaps foolishly took odds of 14. I was pretty sure this game wouldn’t go to 4 goals to Croatia and, as you know, expected a 2-1 result. With only £3 layed it felt a little light and so when another goal went in to Croatia I took a little more AOAW and did another £3, this time at 7.8.

It’s a real shame that the odds were not within the 10-15 range on this game at the start as I would have had a very nice trading proposition.

czech v croatia p & L