A game of extreme passion, of course and, for a while, it looked horribly like England were going to self-destruct again but, in the end two things combined to give them a well deserved 3 points. Roy Hodgson finally did what he should have done and played Vardy (and also Daniel Sturridge). Vardy’s impact was instant and Sturridge got us the 3 points right at the end. When two of your three substitutions score, there is no getting around it, they were supposed to be playing!

I need to retract one earlier opinion and it is that I am now beginning to think Rooney maybe is well placed in the deeper role. The highlight of the game though, whether you’re English or Welsh has to be that Gareth Bale free kick. What a goal; and what a player he is. Indeed, had he been a little luckier he could well have made it 2-2 with a blistering header right at the end.

Enough game talk, England deserved to win, they had pretty much all the possession. But now to the trading profit. From a trading perspective, a very simple profit was obtained. The only minor stress point for some might have been the lateness of the goal in the first half required to prevent the need to break the profit down through reducing the 0-0 liability. Frankly though, given that England were attacking constantly, I don’t think I would have moved to reduce 0-0 anyway or, if I had, it would have been to back 0-0 for no more than £3 or £4 to reduce rather than kill the 0-0 liability.

After the goal to Wales, against the run of play, I had no hesitation in laying 0-1 for a small amount and, let me be clear. From the moment I did, I told myself that I would not move to kill that £3.80, 0-1 liability off. For me then it was a case of another goal and a £14.26 profit or a small loss if it stayed 0-1. I felt sure that the second goal would come even if Wales, spurred on by their lead, managed to score another and come it did.

The images show you the progression of the game for me. As always, click the images to enlarge and then use your browser back button to come back here.

But it was very simple; lay AOHW, lay 0-0. After the goal, lay 0-1 and then, come the 1-1, sit back and wait for the profit. At no time did it ever feel to me as if the 0-0 liability would bite me and even less so the AOHW liability.
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