It isn’t very often that I’m pleased to see a French goal but I was with this game. OK, I admit it, I would have prefered a goal from Albania but with one minute of normal time left, I just wanted a goal from anyone and France finally delivered and then they delivered again.

The difference to me can be seen below. Had it stayed 0-0, I would have won 76 pence but with the goal, that went up to £11.79.

And the only reason it wasn’t more than £11,79 is that I was so absolutely belt and braces on this game that I was determined to not lose a penny whatever happened. In fact I was really hoping that the 2-0 score-line to France was going to happen at around the 70 minute mark or before because I positioned myself to milk that as I would then have had another lay opportunity on AOHW to spread bigger profit elsewhere.

Anyway, no big explanation needed. It went like this:

Layed AOHW – waited some – layed 0-0 – backed 0-0 again – then had a period where I decided to make everything green and allow for a strong goal filled finish to France.

A win is a win and a useful £11.79 will do me.

France Alb end screen france alb p & l