Dull, dull, dull, dull and dull! I can’t believe I was watching the same German team that beat the Ukraine 2-0 in their first group game. Worse still, this was my first loss of the tournament because finally, the dreaded 0-0 actually happened. I had reduced my 0-0 liability at half-time but I couldn’t really believe that the Germans wouldn’t eventually score so I left some 0-0 loss until the very end.

Not really much else I can say about this one really. It was the first 0-0 game of the competition and the potential £7 loss I left on at half-time became a real loss.

Overall still a profit from the tournament today but I could have made it a guaranteed (unless it had gone to 4 goals to Germany) small win even after half-time by backing 0-0 a little more in the second half. Just £4 at odds of 3 would have left £1 profit even on 0-0.

Here’s the visuals. Great news for Northern Ireland though, maybe they could just scrape through if they can hold Germany to a draw in the last group game.

germany 0-0

germany 0-0 P & L