The first thing to note here is that I put my ANY OTHER bet on and the first part of my 0-0 bet on yesterday. It wasn’t a problem because the odds hardly changed overnight and I always knew I was going to do the Spain game.

So, having taken another £2 of 0-0 lay at around 25 minutes in, I could do nothing but watch as the game stayed at 0-0 until half time. Spain seriously need a finisher and, just before half-time, I decided to reduce my 0-0 liability to just under £7. But I had to increase this back to just under £10 when I decided to be prudent and kill of my ANY OTHER liability. After all, it was Spain playing and they were in charge and maybe could have suddenly fond their scoring touch.

It looked like I might take a little under £10 as a loss for a good while as Spain failed to hit the target but then, finally, the goal came and I made a little £7.70 profit. It all adds up after all. The images below show you the detail. Click on the images to enlarge and use your browser back button to come back to the blog.
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