Just a brief summary of what I did here.

In the end the AO odds were at 20 at and just before kick off so I decided to start off with a small lay on 0-0 with a view to coming in on AO after a goal, assuming that there was a reasonably early one. After around 20 minutes I doubled my 0-0 lay stake, the early goal had not been forthcoming and at that point it was never going to be a traditional ASP trading game.

As half-time approached and the goal did not come, I needed to make a decision to either reverse the 0-0 completely at half-time and take a small loss or stick with my feeling that a goal would be scored. I decided that I would give it 15 minutes into the second half and then take the loss if it was still 0-0 by backing the full £6 on 0-0.

I expected the goal to come from Ukraine in truth but, of course, it came from Northern Ireland within 5 minutes of the second half kicking off. I was more than pleased that it did as it was another great result for the UK and I made a little too.

For Northern Ireland to win the game 2-0 in the end was a tremendous result and I took a small £5.71 profit from the most basic lay there is. Not really an ASP trade in the normal sense but as I got involved it seemed fair to report on it. The game demonstrated once again just how competitive this tournament is being and how good it is being for ASP with all these low scoring results.

nth ireland p & L