Brief Note On Poland V Portugal

Never a game to trade, sad that Poland had to go out on penalties but then that is so typical of the luck Portugal tend to get. They appear to be the exact opposite of England. if there is luck to be had, they find it. Whereas we don’t ever seem to get any.

Current odds (Wales V Belgium):

This ought to be a trader given the reasonable AOAW odds and, by all accounts, it looks like a near optimum game (given the usual warnings about lack of head to head data etc). The market favours a 0-1 or 0-2 result to Belgium with the possibility of  a draw in normal time.


I would love to see Wales win this one but I have to go with my head rather than my heart and Belgium have steadily improved and are looking like a team that is ranked 2nd in the World now. I think that 0-2 to Belgium sounds about right unless a little bit of Gareth Bale magic can produce one for Wales.

Wales have shown such spirit that you can never discount them completely and more than anything else, I am simply looking forward to seeing the game.