Denmark v Australia didn’t really have any surprises in it. I wasn’t keen on the AO odds at the start and decided to wait for a goal. I didn’t have to wait long with Denmark scoring 7 minutes in. After the market settled it seemed safer to me to lay 1-0 instead of laying AOHW – I was concerned that the Danish might go on to score a few more and that would have made AOHW tricky to get out of. That said, even though the Australians brought the game back to 1-1 in the first half, it took a dodgy looking penalty decision to produce the second goal of the game.

But it pays not to dwell on what if too much. Job done at 1-1 and quite an easy profit.

France v Peru was quite a hard game to read and it didn’t help that I wasn’t able to give it my full concentration (never a good idea). This was pretty basic stuff really, lay AO, lay 0-0 for a small amount with a second small amount coming later. France scored at around 35 minutes and then I had to wait for the AOHW odds to go out far enough to make the back bet on it. Only a small amount profit-wise and, as often happens, I could have waited longer and kept more in the game. At 70 minutes the odds were out to 60 and, of course, ultimately it stayed 1-0 to the French.

Still, every time I glanced at the screen France were attacking so I didn’t feel like leaving an open liability on there.

Argentina V Croatia was a non-starter for me. It is half-time as I write this and short of taking a second half gamble on 0-0 there are o real opportunities here. So that’s if for today.

I am not aorund to trade tomorrow so, that’s it until at least Saturday.