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We Take You Step By Step And Show You How To Use A Betting Exchange Soccer Market To Make Profits From Soccer Even If You've Never Traded Before.

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  • Why does the results spreadsheet only go up as far as June 2012?

    That’s when Geoff our resident daily blogger (and co-developer of ASP) retired from the ASP project. Geoff religiously recorded every game he did from early 2010 (15 months before ASP launched) to June 2012. I will be forever grateful to Geoff for creating such a comprehensive record and although the results on the sheet stop in June 2012, pretty much every conceivable game result and game development  you are ever likely to encounter would have been ASP’d during that period. Some of his original blogs have found their way into the Modules you see on site.

  • If using larger stakes is £50 – £70 possible (on average) each day?

    Yes but you really need to get comfortable with it first so that you don’t make any silly mistakes. The higher the stakes, the higher the liability and you know how Sod’s law is. It’s always going to throw some toughies at you early. On lower stakes this doesn’t seem so bad if it happens but on higher stakes early on it might put you off and then you miss out on the really easy long-term profits.

  • How much are you actually staking for the trade for each game on the results page? How much would I need to stake and what would be the average return per game with a betting Bank of £200? How long does it take to complete the trade per game? There are a lot of games on most days on the results page, seems like a very time consuming system? Do you have to be monitoring the game throughout the completion of the trade? Is there any reason why you can’t use large stakes and trade just one game for the day or at the weekend if you are very limited on time?

    As we are in pre-launch there is little we can add at this stage to the information on the main page of the site but to give answer to your specific questions as best we can, Geoff stakes at (normally) around the £10/£11 mark, and the average return is exactly as per the spreadsheet results. Time consumption is more often than not typically 5 or 10 minutes of real activity per game and we use a site that alerts us to any further action needed as and when required. There is no reason why you couldn’t use larger stakes but we absolutely don’t recommend that until you are totally familiar with the system.

  • I have no trading experience. Will it still be suitable for me?

    It is our absolute belief that the book we produce combined with the very useful Betfair tutorials that all new users of Betfair have is more than enough to get you started with the Assured Soccer Profits System.

  • Are you pick the selections for us to bet, or do we have to figure them out?

    You figure them out but it is so easy that you could get your family pet to do it for you.

  • I see that there are a number of bets each day. Does this mean you are at your computer for mush of the time? I dont mind putting in some effert, but there is a limit. What is the situation?

    I always find these questions a little hard to answer because I don’t really know what “much of the time means”. I ran it for an hour and a maybe three quarters yesterday, was on 7 games, and those games spanned 4.30pm to around 6pm/6.30pm so I was in attendance for 2 hours max. I didn’t sit there with my finger poised on a button for two hours, I was doing other things and because of the way we do this, I would have been alerted when action was needed.

    It’s all relative, making money always requires some effort.

  • If this is being marketed to so many people, will the market liquidity not be affected, particularly during the ‘off season’ for the English leagues?

    We have taken liquidity in account and advise on this in the book.

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39 responses to “FAQ”

  1. Can the system be understood by translating the modules? I don’t understand spoken English but only written

    • It was put together for English speaking people. I couldn’t say how well it would translate into another language. Sorry.

  2. Hi,
    is it possible to use this method outside uk? Here in Italy the markets liquidity on betfair is definitely lower than the uk betfair, especially in the correct score market. Do you think it’s still possible to use this system?

    Thank you,


    • It was designed for the UK market but there have been users from Italy and all over Europe. If you have any doubts about being able to use it then should maybe leave it.

  3. Hi John , i m an old client( 2011) ; i already sent you an email with the proof of my purchase at but you never replied ;can you please send me new login details , theb old one doesn t work anymore ..hope you still consider old clients from the very beginning and not only the new one..i m waiting after your answer …kind regards

    • Hi

      I never ignore emails, haven’t had one from you. Also cannot find you in the database by email, by surname or even by your first name so I will need to see that proof of purchase. JOHN

  4. Hi, would you mind clarifying exactly what is included with the purchase please?

    Is there any trader group, are there selections? Has the material changed and been updated since it was launched?


    • It’s a one-off payment for access to the material on site. No selections. Updates are added when needed should something significant change.


  5. Hello, I would like to give this system a try but I have Linux on my laptop and currently there’s no trading software available like geeks toy for example for my operating system. Do you need trading software to be able to use this system?

  6. Hello, I have had a hell of a time trying to access the site. It seems the sites certificate is out of date.
    Any idea if this will be fixed?
    Or can you supply the Goal Profits filter set up that you use, so the I can access the list direct from goal Profits.

  7. Dear John,
    Does this system fit for a more higher stakes, say 1000-2000€ stakes per game? Does this market have this liquidities?
    How do you deal with premium charges at bf?Do you need to pay them while playing this system?

    • Staking at higher levels will work on a large number of games – you just need to check the liquidity first and make sure that it is a big enough game for your purposes. Premium charges make any betting on BF difficult but at the end of the day many who have to suffer that simply accept the charges. They are, after all, a charge on overall profit. Personally, I would look to do as many games as possible elsewhere (Smarkets for example).

    • The honest answer is I never have used mobiles for Betfair trading of any description but, technically, the site is mobile friendly.


    • It should be under the member downloads section if it is still there. Some of the calculator based/spreadsheet stuff was not updated when they went out of real time usefulness after the correct score market change on Betfair a couple of years back. It might be, if you can’t see what you’re looking for in there, that this was one of them.


    • That’s too much of a variable to give a specific answer to.

      A better answer to give on the subject of liability is for me to say that you are in charge of your bank, your liability and the amount you feel comfortable with, always.

  8. Hi John!
    I was thinking to try your system as it has good reviews, but i read that it works with high liabilities and also with small amount bets. The thing is i cannot bet less than 10€ (back or lay). As an experienced trader u are, how could i solve this issue so i can use your system? Any thoughts?
    Thank you!

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